Right woman interested in breasts. Have no clue just how typical this really is but can only provide you with suggestions about the social relationship between you and a married woman buddy.

Right woman interested in breasts. Have no clue just how typical this really is but can only provide you with suggestions about the social relationship between you and a married woman buddy.

I will be a guy, three decades old. Recently, a female buddy (|friend that is female}right, hitched for 7 years) said a secret that she considers become very embarassing. She claims that she gets extremely stimulated by evaluating nude feminine breasts. She said with another woman, neither in a sexual or romantic way that she is very sure that she is not a lesbian or even bisexual, and that she has never pictured herself. However, whenever she talks about other girls breasts she gets extremely stimulated, to your point that she secretly watches girl-on-girl porn simply to see girls breasts. So, she states just isn’t stimulated by considering covered breasts or cleavages (like we men are), but only if they truly are nude and there’s intercourse included (love porn).

She states that he will think that she is a lesbian in the closet or something that she wants to tell this to his boyfriend but she is afraid. She asked me personally just what do I believe and just how would i simply take the “news” if we had been inside her husbands destination. and im maybe not really certain what things to think or exactly how will i react if my gf stated one thing like this to me personally.

Once more, she assures me she has this breast obsession from some time now that she is completely straight but. This obsession was noticed by her while you’re watching porn. She states that each time she watches porn she prefers to check out the feminine breasts since they represent an even more pure and form that is beautiful of.

Its sorts of strange, isnt it? I am talking about, its like a straight male being stimulated by taking a look at penises. i dont know.

Therefore, just how typical is it? Do you realize any tale such as this? As well as, do you believe she should inform their spouse relating to this?

Many thanks for sharing. 🙂

Hi there. Well, first, i truly do not think a married females has to be sharing this sort of thing with a male buddy. Far too intimate of a conversation. In addition know manipulative ladies that may have this type or sorts of conversation reasoning they have been switching a person on and kind of then moving away from on that themselves. I know would steer clear of this sort of convo together with her and encourage her to possess better interaction with her spouse.

Encourage her to possess her partner be her sounding board on her intimate thoughts and take to to not ever get dragged involved with it. Because I ended up being conversing with Bob about my breast obsession and then he stated which you’d think it was cool . if she claims ” . .” or whatever, he might you should be just a little irritated she went along to you first.

And if she actually that it is such a massive problem and she can not communicate with her wife about any of it, then encourage her to see a specialist. best of luck

just what SpecialMom stated!!

but to respond to your particular concern. It will seem strange to me that She is “aroused” by feminine breasts – but We disagree along with your comparison that

“it’s like a straight male being aroused by taking a look at penises” – she actually is referring to breasts, perhaps not vagina versus penis it appears in my experience that https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/phoenix/ gents and ladies are both obsessed about breasts’ and breast size (ergo breast augmentation). On her become stimulated though, seems odd.

We see absolutely nothing incorrect with a lady being stimulated by an other woman. The body that is female a work of art. It doesn’t suggest she actually is homosexual or bi because she likes the appearance of a female.

She’s got no explanation to not ever tell her spouse, other he then may genuinely believe that he is able to get a 3some from the jawhorse.

I believe it is strange that she lets you know this, and We additionally think it is strange that she’s got both a spouse and a boyfriend.

And it’s strange that when she is directly, she is maybe not viewing right porn – that has plenty of breasts with it.

Could be the girl hitched with a bf? First you pointed out this woman is hitched then you definitely talked about one thing about a bf.

I am talking about actually? I do not believe that it is required to share EACH thought you’ve got with another person. Exactly why is she also letting you know this?

Then she should discuss her feelings/thoughts with a therapist who deals with sexual issues if she is grappling with this in regards to whether this is normal or not. Then your specialist often helps her determine whether it is one thing she should or should not check with her spouse, bf or whomever.

Just how typical that is. I do not understand. Strange certainly.

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