Hailey is employed by her ruthless, and cold employer whom is additionally rich Valerian.

Hailey is employed by her ruthless, and cold employer whom is additionally rich Valerian.

He could be accustomed getting his method with girls, any woman. But Hailey differs from the others she actually is perhaps perhaps maybe not amused much by dudes because love ended up being never ever her forte. Can He bring her to her knees. more information

Ranking: #40 in Romance #20 in Billionaires

Captured – The Royal Romance

The journey to house has shown not even close to reassuring to Matsyaa. Her values are crushed. Her hopes are shattered and her household that she’s loved significantly more than her life has changed into a strange mystery of complications. Therefore numerous minds. Therefore numerous ploys. Absolutely Nothing heard holds true and absolutely nothing seen is appropriate. A me. more information


Imagine your self dropping for the essential dangerous man in the town. Just what will you are doing? ** all of it began whenever Grace discovered by herself lying nude beside the most man that is dangerous of town, Dylan Knight. Their one look ended up being sufficient for guys to pee and ladies to crave. Exactly what can happen whenever Grace will. more details

Ranking: #46 in Romance #25 in Billionaires

His Only Obsession

The old saying that revenge is just a meal most useful served cold had never check these guys out ever been truer in Richard Gilbert’s case. Orphaned during the chronilogical age of ten, he previously working quite difficult for everything to help you to obtain right back that which was taken from their household and also to accomplish that- he got near the child of his dad’s enemy; Meira Da. more information

The Romantic Contract

Hoor Aryan, whom follows every way to make money it is simply filled with efforts limited to her daddy, once have an offer to once earn millions at by marrying the son of the billionaire, Zahir Malik. Mr Harshit Malik desired their son to marry her all because of their work to boost their son, but their son a. more information

Unchain My Heart

She ended up being the lavender that is little a lot of flowers. The roses he dearly adored together with lavender he had been allergic to. Yet what the results are each time a jump of fate brings the two totally undestined and duo that is mismatched in a relationship therefore sacred. A wedding centered on desires not alternatives. a relation beyo. more details

Vow to Hate your

“Are you yes about it, Kabir?” Ayaan asked. “Yes.” “Dad won’t be pleased if he gets a hint of what you are really doing,” he said once more. “He won’t be pleased under his shoes with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it. Their emerald orbs bu. more information

His vengeance Love

“Oh Mayra!” he said after which held my fingers. a poor laugh showed up on my lips as I thought he had been likely to end this prank but he did another thing. One thing unanticipated. “You’re this kind of naive woman. And beyond that…me closer to his face that our nose almost touched” he drawled, pulling . more details

Love in springtime

What goes on whenever Dennis a new pretty girl in her twenties managed to make it into an university this is certainly designed for the rich? What are the results whenever she had been met with three flower males, Eros, Elvis and Ramon, also referred to as the playful, Cold and Joker, would her life stay similar after dealing with therefore hardship that is much? Who wo. more information


“You can not keep running away from me”, Ehan stated, their face ended up being all severe as their eyes bored into Naira’s. Standing her ground, Naira uttered making use of her effort that is utmost to confident, “we have always been perhaps not running away.” Ehan continued uttering all confidently, “Yes, you will be. And finally you are going t. more information

Ranking: #73 in Romance #40 in Billionaires

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