Kim Dong Wook + Moon Ga Younger Discuss Age that is 13-Year Gap Lee Jin Hyuk On Debut As Actor In “Find Me Personally In Your Memory”

Kim Dong Wook + Moon Ga Younger Discuss Age that is 13-Year Gap Lee Jin Hyuk On Debut As Actor In “Find Me Personally In Your Memory”

On March 18, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Find me personally in Your Memory” held an press that is online with actors Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga younger, Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Seul Gi, Lee Joo Bin, UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk, and much more.

“Find me personally in Your Memory” will likely be a love tale between Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) a news anchor with hyperthymesia (a state of being which gives people the capacity to remember an uncommonly vast level of their life experiences in vivid information) and Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga younger), an increasing actress who’s got forgotten a few of the most important moments inside her life as a defense mechanism that is psychological.

Concerning their brand new part, Kim Dong Wook stated, “Hyperthymesia just isn’t a thing that has not been addressed. Nonetheless, this drama is an alternative because rather than showing that person’s discomfort and suffering, it’s going to show just how he satisfies somebody who gets the contrary discomfort and the way they overcome every one of their marine singles dating issues.”

When expected about the process of portraying an anchor, the actor admitted, “It really wasn’t easy. I did son’t understand [how hard it was] once I viewed the news headlines simply because they had been talking therefore easily, however it really was various whenever I attempted to do so myself.”

Regarding her character, Moon Ga Young stated, “I wished to ask the individuals right here if there’s such a thing comparable between Yeo Ha Jin and me personally. We’ve the job that is same and [that permits us to] show our numerous sides, therefore I attempted to show my various edges through my fashion design and makeup aswell.” She ended up being expected as i am at my current age if she had a strategy for becoming a “queen of romantic comedies,” and she responded, “Rather than having a strategy, I want to show myself. To any extent further, we shall do my best making sure that my title itself becomes my strategy.”

Regarding their age that is 13-year gap Moon Ga younger commented, “First down, [Kim Dong Wook] had been extremely dependable. We don’t understand how he seems, but i did son’t have the age space between us.” Compared to that, he responded, “I’m immature.”

Moon Ga younger continued, “At first, oppa had been shy and calm, therefore I wondered ways to get near to him, but he could be really playful. I’m having a lot of fun [filming] now.” She added, “There were no bloopers as soon as we shot the kiss scene because we needed to shoot it rapidly. We filmed it in a single try.” Lee Dong Wook then accidentally provided a spoiler, exposing he additionally filmed a kiss scene with Lee Joo Bin.

Yoon Jong Hoon, who formerly worked with Kim Dong Wook in “Riders: Catch Tomorrow,” shared about Kim Dong Wook, “He’s among the few individuals I trust and like in my own profession. We had fun shooting [with him] in those days, but i believe I’m enjoying it a lot more this time around.”

Kim Seul Gi, whom plays Moon Ga Young’s cousin in the drama, stated, “I actually adore Moon Ga younger. She’s therefore attractive. Even yet in real world, we say that we’re sisters a whole lot. I’m excited [to the way the drama turns out]. since we now have great chemistry and tend to be having a great time filming,”

Lee Joo Bin takes the role of a ballerina when you look at the drama, and Kim Dong Wook praised her if you are in a position to accomplish techniques that are high-level. The actress replied, “I heard that there is a ballet performance scene, I became more ambitious so I wanted to do my best, but as the filming date got pushed back. Although I’m unable to pull it well completely, i needed to best do it as as I could.”

“Find me personally in Your Memory” is Lee Jin Hyuk’s very first drama, in which he revealed, because it was my first time filming inside a news studio“ I was very nervous. However with my senior actors guidance that is’ I happened to be in a position to do it well without experiencing nervous. Kim Dong Wook provided me with advice also before he could be asked by me. He explained to be myself and get comfortable. This really is my drama that is first their terms had been beneficial. I happened to be therefore stressed that i really couldn’t even show the things I had prepared, but he kept drawing away from me [the things I had prepared].”

The idol-turned-actor shared a interaction that is memorable had with Kim Dong Wook while shooting. He stated, “There ended up being a scene where I experienced to operate a vehicle a motor car, but we don’t have actually a license yet. Kim Dong Wook hyung said, ‘You don’t have actually a license? You’re nevertheless a child.’ I’m [in the procedure of] getting my permit now.”

Lastly, the cast shared points that are key look ahead to. Moon Ga Young hinted that watchers should prepare to view it with alcohol, while Lee Jin Hyuk said that the romance in this drama is exclusive and therefore it will be better to view while consuming chicken. Kim Dong Wook shared, “It is a romance drama, nevertheless the development is a lot faster than you may think. For anyone who’ve been waiting around for the drama or wondering what sort of drama it is, 60 moments can pass quickly, for you to definitely particularly prepare one thing [to consume] while you’re watching it. so that it can be too quick”

“Find me personally in Your Memory” is scheduled to premiere at 8:55 p.m. KST on March 18 and will also be available on Viki!

View the latest teaser for the drama below:

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