We’ve all observed the “adorable” who’s “tinotoyo na naman” and won’t keep in touch with your away from nowhere.

We’ve all observed the “adorable” who’s “tinotoyo na naman” and won’t keep in touch with your away from nowhere.

Right after which absolutely the “sweet” sweetheart who’s so “seloso” and protective, he’d somewhat their gf not venture out because attractive harvest top.

But get rid of the rose-tinted cups of love that traits will not are available as innocent and lovable.

When you have someone special just who won’t “give your authorization” doing such things as go out with your buddies or use a specific kind of garments, then you may be handling you with a controlling behavior.

Managing conduct 101

In an interview with GMA Information Online, commitment mentor and love writer Aileen Santos mentioned that a controlling attitude is not healthier for partnership.

Men might think it’s only a manifestation of like or focus, or that they’re merely getting safety, nevertheless main meaning to the attitude suggests too little trust in each other.

Santos discussed whenever one provides boundaries or circumstances to his or her spouse, it is because they don’t confidence rely on his / her view. When the controlling attitude persists, the partnership assumes a parent-child powerful, as opposed to a boyfriend-girlfriend one.

“You don’t rely on your own partner’s wisdom. Just what opportunity they’re designed to get back or what spots they truly are expected to choose, so that it changes the dynamic. The impact is often the more partner will feel they’re perhaps not dependable,” she discussed.

Here, Santos brings a beneficial point: If you don’t faith their particular wisdom, exactly why are you with all of them?

She added, “If you don’t trust both in simple things like venturing out, next just what much more making use of the really important products? So those quick factors, if there’s no rely on and respect, subsequently love dies very easily when that takes place.”

President of AMD fancy experts for individuals and partners Maribel Sison Dionisio additionally demonstrated that attitude maybe an indication of a huge insecurity and low self-esteem with the perception if they allow her partners going , then the lover might find some one a lot better than all of them.

“If you really have low self-worth, you’ll getting troubled the person will likely be talking-to other folks. but if you’re feeling sufficient about yourself, self-confident and safe in your self, that you trust your partner, next di mo na kailangan i-monitor,” she put.

The cold neck

The cold shoulder medication — when someone is quickly “tinotoyo,” quiet and obviously frustrated however stating why they may be annoyed and refusing to interact with all the more — is called stonewalling in mindset, Santos stated.

Stonewalling are for a myriad of reasons but a factor is actually for certain: it’s not good-for any partnership. In reality, it becomes damaging for your partnership.

She mentioned, “If need the relationship to final, you need to learn how to deal with dispute involving the couple. Stonewalling doesn’t aid in any way, in resolving conflicts since you are only showing the rage but not truly creating a move to allow your partner to really make it up to you or attempt to understand just why you had been damage originally.”


Based on Santos, jealousy is generally healthier if you think it, show they to your companion and just have a discussion regarding it.

Santos extra this’s also healthier if there’s real cause for the envy to occur which all is due to the limits we set for ourselves.

She described this’s essential lovers to know what their limits are, both physical and mental.

“Physical borders become sugar daddy kinda simpler to decide, like you don’t french-kiss your family, right? But Once you are looking at psychological limitations, both of you have to establish exactly what are the items that your reserve for a buddy, which are the things you reserve for a boyfriend or girl, and which are the things reserve for a spouse.”

She extra, “When each one of these things are clear, it is possible to truly stay away from envy because you can diagnose. that isn’t anything I’ll Be giving out to all the of my friends and that I consider I Will merely reserve this to my personal gf or my boyfriend.”

Santos shares a typical problem, in flicks: a girl getting insecure along with her date’s top female pal because sweetheart always works to the latter instead of the previous.

“It’s maybe not about being possessive,” Santos starts. “It’s when it comes to being aware what each standard of commitment deserves. You can find issues kepted in regards to our unique partner. Whenever We’re giving they away to others, then we need to put a thereon.”

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